We are creating some of the most sought after and listened online radio stations. We will be grateful for your help in increasing our audience. If you are a developer, then our stations must be in your catalog, application for listening to the radio, any sites or other programs. We have been creating and programming radio stations since 2012 and our previous projects have become commercially successful, one of the radio stations has gone on-air FM broadcasting in Russia.

That's how many days we broadcast without a break!

With the stable operation of radio stations, your users will often go to your website or application, knowing that they can always turn on their favorite station. By placing our radio stations on top places - you increase the loyalty of your audience to your project, and we are regular listeners!

If you have the technical ability to relay our radio stations on the Internet, then you can contact us for links with various bitrates (up to 256 Kbps) from closed servers. This is necessary for the most stable broadcast on your network. For any questions, write to one@amgradio.ru

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* Audience data is analyzed by Google Analytics, and listeners from all our broadcast servers are taken into account. Last data update 18 May 2021 - 06:30

** Peak of now listeners for all the time of broadcasting radio station, the last record set 12 May 2021 - 11:50